Kathleen Murphy

Kathleen brings a broad range of experience and enthusiasm to her ceramic work and teaching. She began her study of ceramics in San Francisco and then apprenticed in Santorini, Greece with master potter Andreas Makaris, where she learned traditional hand-building and wheel techniques. She also studied glaze chemistry in Athens, Greece.

Kathleen has participated in many art festivals throughout British Columbia including Circle Craft, the Filburg Festival, and for 13 years, the Eastside Culture Crawl. Her work has been exhibited and sold in Vancouver galleries and on Vancouver Island.

In 2014, Kathleen moved to Penticton, BC. Before this relocation, she had been living and working in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver since 1999.

Kathleen’s desire to work with clay was initially inspired through her exposure to Greek pottery.

All of her forms are either made on the wheel or built by hand. She works on both one-of-a-kind pieces and on a production level, working primarily with high fire stoneware and porcelain clays. The work is then fired in an electric kiln.

Creating and mixing her own glazes allows the greatest range of colour choices and control possible. It is important to her that the glaze and form complement each other, resulting in pieces that are elegant and simple.

In her work, she remains committed to preserving both the integrity and discipline inherent in classical form, while at the same time, exploring the uniqueness and boundless challenges presented by the medium of clay.